Are Peace Lilies Poisonous to Dogs?

Answer Lilies mean many things to many people. For some, they have religious significance; for others they bring about the spring season. The peace lily may bring someone a sense of serenity. It's importa... Read More »

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Are peace lilies poisonous to parrots?

Peace lilies are poisonous to parrots. Symptoms of poisoning in birds include vomiting, lack of appetite and difficulty swallowing. It is best to keep peace lilies outside or in a room kept off lim... Read More »

Are Peace Lilies Toxic to Dogs?

Peace lilies are toxic to dogs. Dogs that eat peace lilies experience uncomfortable side effects, including severe burning and irritation of the mouth, compromised swallowing, drooling and vomiting... Read More »

Are day lilies poisonous to dogs?

Daylilies (Hemerocallis spp.) are not poisonous to dogs, according to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Dayliles are poisonous and potentially toxic to cats and cows, h... Read More »

The Varieties of Peace Lilies?

Peace lilies are hardy, attractive indoor plants that produce white flowers and glossy, dark green leaves. They're notable for their ease of care and their ability to deal with inconsistent waterin... Read More »