Are Oak Leaves a Good Mulch for Tomatoes?

Answer Organic mulches, such as oak leaves, make an effective mulch for the vegetable garden and tomatoes. Oak leaves break down over the course of the summer, adding soil-building organic matter to the g... Read More »

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Leaves in the Garden as Mulch?

leave the leaves on the garden they are an essential part of the food chain , high in nitrogen and will produce organic matter eventually . it could take up to 6 months to break down but keep a... Read More »

Eucalyptus Leaves As Mulch?

Eucalyptus leaves make fine mulch when used correctly. However, the improper use of eucalyptus leaves or bark will have an adverse effect on some food-producing plants, according to James J. Fergus... Read More »

Can you use eucalyptus leaves as mulch?

Yes. Eucalyptus leaves can be used as mulch. However, they should be composted for several months first. This will allow time for the resins and other toxic compounds to leach out.

What is the conclusion of dried leaves as organic mulch in tomato plants?

Tree leaves draw minerals up from deep in the subsoil, and deposit them on the surface when they fall, where microarthopod "shredders", bacteria, fungi, and red compost worms break them down so the... Read More »