Are Nissan and Infiniti owned by the same company?

Answer Nissan owns Infiniti, which is the company's luxury car branch. The Infiniti name is not used in Japan. All models there are Nissans. The Infiniti name was launched in July 1987.Source:Infiniti Global

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Is an Infiniti G37 a Nissan?

Infiniti is, in a way, a Nissan since the Infiniti make is a division of the Nissan company. In 1985 Nissan sought to create a luxury brand, and by 1987, Infiniti had hit the pavement, although it ... Read More »

Is the Infiniti made by Nissan?

Yes. In 1985, Nissan formed the Horizon Task Force to develop a line of high-performance luxury vehicles. In 1987, the Infiniti name was chosen for the line. Sales of Infiniti vehicles began in 198... Read More »

Does Nissan make Infiniti cars?

Nissan is a popular Japanese automaker. If you're a fan of Nissan, but are looking for a luxury automobile, Nissan makes the Infiniti line of cars and sports utility vehicles.Source:Infiniti: USANi... Read More »

Is a Nissan 350Z or an Infiniti G35 faster?

A 2006 Nissan 350Z is just barely faster than a 2006 Infiniti G35 (the last year of the G35 model), with G35's top speed being 151 miles per hour, and the 350Z's top speed being 155 miles per hour.... Read More »