Are NYC Pet friendly Co-ops more valuable than those that ban dogs?

Answer A local realtor can help you understand the specific covenants associated with NYC pet-friendly co-ops, and how specific covenants affect real estate values within specific properties. If there's a... Read More »

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Is there a picture editing program that is more user friendly and intuitive than Adobe PhotoShop?

Hello.If you are really a newbie when it comes to photo editing tools, just use, MSPaint. Now if you think you are ready for a little more complication you can use GIMP. In my very humble and not t... Read More »

Are rubies more valuable than diamonds?

Value, in the jewelry industry, is equated to rarity. According to the Minerals website, only a completely transparent ruby is more rare than a diamond. Rubies that display any impurities are consi... Read More »

Why the range of stadis 450 should be upto 600cu why not more than that if more than that what will be the consequence in Jet A-1 Fuel?

Yes, you can fail AF BMT. You can only fail the PT test, until you enter the operational airforce unless you REALLY screw up it's very hard to get kicked out of the airforce unless it's a medical c... Read More »

Why Are Gems More Valuable Than Other Kinds of Minerals?

Gems contain mineral structures that produce unique colors, surface lusters, hardness and transparencies. Not all collectible gems contain all of the necessary attributes to make them valuable, but... Read More »