Are NCAA& NFL footballs the same size?

Answer NCAA and NFL footballs are usually identical in size. Both variations are manufactured by Wilson Sports using the "Pro pattern". However, a slightly smaller "Collegiate pattern" is available for of... Read More »

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What size knitting needle is the same size as a J crochet hook?

In the U.S., a J crochet hook measures 6 mm. The equivalent size knitting needle is 10. Europe and Canada use metric measurements to identify crochet hooks and knitting needles.Source:Craft Yarn Co... Read More »

Are 2 Twin Mattresses the Same Size As 1 King Size Mattress?

You may have noticed that hotels often link two twin beds together to form a single king size bed. The hotel can rent the room to clients who prefer twin beds as well as to others who prefer a king... Read More »

Are all ants the same size and the same colour?

Is a British size 16 the same as an American size 16?

An American size 16, when pertaining to men's dress shirts, is the same as a British size 16. However, a woman's American size 16 converts to a British size 18.References:USATourist: Men's Clothing... Read More »