Are Moving Expenses Tax-Deductible in Missouri?

Answer States often create their income tax laws in a similar way to those of the federal government. Missouri is one such state that makes numerous references to your federal tax return when preparing yo... Read More »

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Are moving expenses tax deductible in canada?

Moving expenses are tax deductible in Canada if certain eligibility criteria are met. Some valid criteria include moving to start a new job, to attend a university full-time or if your new home is ... Read More »

Are IRS audit expenses deductible as miscellaneous expenses?

Any legal fees for tax advice, any tax advice fees and any tax preparation fees are miscellenous deductions. These fees are subject to a 2 percent of adjusted gross income limit. Taxpayers can dedu... Read More »

Are health expenses tax deductible?

Only qualified health expenses are deductible and only if you itemize your deductions. Qualified health expenses must be not be reimbursed and can include health insurance costs, preventative care,... Read More »

Are IRA start-up expenses tax deductible?

IRA start-up expenses are deductible as a miscellaneous investment expense on Schedule A of your tax return. However, if the start-up expense is billed directly to your IRA account, then it is not ... Read More »