Are Mormon family ancestry records correct?

Answer On One Hand: Mormons Are Dedicated to Their AncestryAccording to the Post-Gazette, the Church of Latter-day Saints has 3,200 centers around the world that are dedicated to collecting ancestry recor... Read More »

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How to use to aid in your family history search?

Genealogy, tracing one's family tree, is a growing hobby worldwide.The researcher can make it as lineal or branched out and as they want. In searching, start very specific and work yo... Read More »

Is the Bishop family that was on minute to win it Mormon?

Why is family genealogy so important in the mormon church?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as the Mormon church, places a great deal of importance on genealogy and family history.Beliefs About The FamilyMormons believe that the ... Read More »

How do I merge my whole tree from to the Family Tree Maker program?

Downloading From Ancestry.comOpen Family Tree Maker 2010. Click "Plan"; select "New Tree." Select "Download a Tree from" Choose a tree from Click the "Export" or "Downlo... Read More »