Are Mood SwingsPeriod-Like cramps a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer AnswerYes they are symptons of early pregnancy as your hormones are all over the place, and you do still suffer from cramps as well, try taking a test.Happy to helpKailey

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Are stomach cramps before your period a symptom of pregnancy?

Answer They can be. Cramping can sometimes be felt during implantation, and spotting(light bleeding) is also fairly common around this time. These two things together can sometimes lead women to be... Read More »

Are cramps and sore breasts a symptom of pregnancy?

%DETAILS% Answer Cramps and breast tenderness can be a sign of pregnancy, but they can also be a symptom of PMS. If you don't want to wait until you are late, call your doctor and ask for a blood ... Read More »

Ive been trying for a baby are stomach cramps and a headache an early pregnancy symptom?

Answer i had bad stomach cramps and headaches in early pregnancy, i was convinced i was going to start my period.. but i didnt i now 5 months pregnant and i still get bad heads and some period lik... Read More »

Are mild cramps like dull menstrual cramps on and off a sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes. If they make you double over in pain or if you get a positive result and they are very painful and bleeding then you will want to go to the ER.