Are Mint & Spearmint Leaves the Same Thing?

Answer Spearmint is just one of more than 600 varieties of mint. It has a distinctive taste and is frequently used as a flavoring in food and scent in cosmetic products. Other varieties of mint, such as p... Read More »

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Where can you buy moroccan mint seeds aka Mentha spicata var crispa the leaves of which are used in Moroccan mint tea online?

I just bought a small seedling of this from a plant nursery specialising in herbs. This lady had an amazing collection of herbs and sells at my local farmer's market. Looking for a nursery speciali... Read More »

Where do mint leaves come from?

Mint leaves come from a number of mint plants. The three main varieties of mint plant are spearmint, peppermint and pennyroyal. Mints serve a wide range of purposes, from flavoring toothpaste and c... Read More »

Yellow Leaves on Mint?

Mint is a fast-growing perennial herb that takes over the entire garden when left to spread. Its natural vigor makes it a no-fail plant for people looking for a tough ground cover or potted herb. T... Read More »

Where did the herb mint leaves come from?