Are Mint & Spearmint Leaves the Same Thing?

Answer Spearmint is just one of more than 600 varieties of mint. It has a distinctive taste and is frequently used as a flavoring in food and scent in cosmetic products. Other varieties of mint, such as p... Read More »

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Where can you buy moroccan mint seeds aka Mentha spicata var crispa the leaves of which are used in Moroccan mint tea online?

I just bought a small seedling of this from a plant nursery specialising in herbs. This lady had an amazing collection of herbs and sells at my local farmer's market. Looking for a nursery speciali... Read More »

Can mint leaves be eaten?

Mint leaves, stems and blossoms are edible. The leaves are used in teas, candied decorations and as edible garnishes. Mint pieces are harvested throughout the growing season after the mint plant re... Read More »

If you can, how do you get high off of mint leaves?

Ohh thats easy!! You just get a few bags of them (large bags I'd imagine), then find someone who is willing to buy them. Then with the money you get you can buy lots of caffine or whatever it is th... Read More »

Yellow Leaves on Mint?

Mint is a fast-growing perennial herb that takes over the entire garden when left to spread. Its natural vigor makes it a no-fail plant for people looking for a tough ground cover or potted herb. T... Read More »