Are Milk Bone dog treats safe for dogs?

Answer On One Hand: Dietary SupplementsLike humans, dogs need fiber to keep their digestive systems operating regularly. Milk Bone dog treats contain ingredients that promote good digestive help. This is ... Read More »

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Are T-bone steak bones safe for dogs to eat?

On One Hand: Dogs are supposed to chew on bones.It's a natural instinct for dogs to chew bones. Not only do T-bones taste good, the chewing action helps clean a dog's teeth by scraping away plaque ... Read More »

Dog Food Treats for Diabetic Dogs?

Dog treats are essentially any consumable you give a dog beyond his normal nutrition. Dog treats are used in training as well as to praise a well-behaved dog. A diabetic dog has specific nutritiona... Read More »

What antibiotic treats giardia in dogs?

Metronidazole is a common antibiotic to treat a giardia infection in dogs. It is about 67 percent effective and can cause some liver damage. Another antibiotic that can have fewer side effects is F... Read More »

How to Make Chicken & Rice Ball Treats for Dogs?

Dog owners can make delicious and nutritious food for their furry family members if they keep a few things in mind. Dogs have special diet restrictions that make some foods such as sweets and raw m... Read More »