Are Mercury Light Bulbs Causing Sickness for Workers?

Answer Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) contain mercury vapor. If the bulb breaks, the vapor gets released. According to the Michigan Department of Community Health, the amount of mercury released w... Read More »

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Do all light bulbs contain mercury?

Not all light bulbs contain mercury. Some light bulbs use light-emitting diodes and are mercury free and energy efficient. LED bulbs are used in traffic lights, exit signs and even ornament lightin... Read More »

Do fluorescent light bulbs emit mercury?

Fluorescent light bulbs do not emit mercury, but they do contain the substance. The most pertinent danger of fluorescent light bulbs is when the bulbs break on the way the landfill and leak mercury... Read More »

Do standard light bulbs contain mercury?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) contain about 5 milligrams of mercury each, sealed within the glass tubing of the bulb. This is necessary for the light bulb to function and does not present ... Read More »

Do full-spectrum light bulbs contain mercury?

Full-spectrum light bulbs contain trace amounts of mercury. Full-spectrum light bulbs provide higher energy savings and performance than light bulbs without mercury. Dispose of them properly to pre... Read More »