Are Memphis subwoofers good?

Answer On One Hand: General ConsensusMemphis subwoofers are generally known as good all-around subwoofers. Positive reviews on sites such as and point out that the speak... Read More »

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What are some good Mexican resturants in Memphis?

Los Compadres was good when we went there, it's ranked pretty highly too, their enchiladas are great, as is the chili relleno. 901-458-5731 3295 Poplar Ave, Ste 101, Memphis, TN 38111-4690 People ... Read More »

Is Memphis a good place to raise children?

Yes. Children with "special educational needs" have a bit of a stigma. However, it simply means they have certain needs that are not or cannot be met in with regular teaching methods. So a child wi... Read More »

What amplifier is stronger powerful ... i know memphis is good quality?

I always love old phillips.europeans know quality.

What do SPL and SQ mean for subwoofers?

Many speakers a responsive to a wide range of frequencies. When only one type of speaker is used, it is important for that speaker to be able to produce high and low frequency sounds. Subwoofers ar... Read More »