Are LG kitchen appliances rated high?

Answer On One Hand: Choose your applianceAmong dishwashers, LG ranked fairly high, according to a JD Power and Associates study done in 2007. LG was in the top three in that study; since then has grown in... Read More »

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Should you buy kitchen appliances with low watts or high watts in UK?

That depends on the appliance and what you're trying to accomplish. Low watts mean that the appliance doesn't use much energy. Higher wattage appliances may be able to complete a task faster or op... Read More »

How to Buy Appliances for the Kitchen?

Learning how to buy appliances for the kitchen will enable you to assess serviceability, energy efficiency, durability and how appliances affect a home's resale value. If you can afford to buy the ... Read More »

How to Arrange Kitchen Appliances?

One of the major sources of clutter in a kitchen is the group of appliances that are often left out on counters and take up a lot of space. To have an efficient, structured kitchen, it is important... Read More »

How to Recycle Kitchen Appliances?

When it is time for a new kitchen appliance like a refrigerator or stove, most people purchase a new one and simply toss the old one into the garbage. This has led to overflowing landfills with tox... Read More »