Why are jews called jews?

Answer Those who practice the faith of Judaism are often referred to as Jews, which is a plural noun. As an adjective, these same people are called Jewish. The "Ju" or "Jew" part of the words comes from t... Read More »

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Can Jews eat venison?

Venison can be Kosher. It is one of the Orthodox Union's accepted game meats, along with antelope, bison, giraffe and ibex. It would have to be farmed deer, however, because there are steps that mu... Read More »

How many Jews are in the US military?

Fewer than Christians but more than Muslims.

Why do Jews put rocks on headstones?

The Jewish practice of putting a small rock or pebble on a grave marker when visiting a cemetery is both longstanding and widespread. As with many such practices, the reasons given for it are many ... Read More »

Jews Who Convert to Christianity?

Many people are born into a religion depending on their parents and family history. Sometimes people decide that the religion into which they were born does not satisfy them and they go looking for... Read More »