Are Japanese mini trucks street legal?

Answer Federal laws bar Japanese mini trucks from being driven on public roads. Mini trucks are street legal in certain states and localities such as Oklahoma, where they are permitted to be driven on pu... Read More »

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Are japanese mini trucks street legal in west virginia?

Japanese mini-trucks look like small-scale pickups with shorter beds, and they're meant mainly for farm work and construction. As of February 2010, Japanese mini-trucks were not considered street-l... Read More »

Are mini trucks street legal in Oklahoma?

Mini trucks are legal to be driven in the state of Oklahoma on any roads except for interstate highways. The Oklahoma law regarding mini trucks passed in November 2008, and did not come with any sp... Read More »

Are mini trucks legal in Texas?

Mini trucks are legal to be bought and sold in Texas but cannot be driven on the road. They are only suitable for off-road activity due to their small stature.References:Texas Mini TrucksResources:... Read More »

Are mini trucks legal for on-road use in Oregon?

You cannot legally drive a mini-truck on a public road or highway in Oregon. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, they are not eligible for registration and are also not classified... Read More »