Are Japanese car makers building cars in the United States unionized?

Answer Japanese car makers building cars in the U.S. are not unionized. This has given them a significant cost advantage over American car makers, who have historically paid for generous employee benefits... Read More »

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To stop speeding, should car makers only make cars that do the speed limit?

1) That idea would not work well when it comes to highway onramps, vehicles already on the highway, and vehicles which cannot accelerate quickly.2) Electronics fail and malfunction all the time. (... Read More »

Why does the government allow car makers to sell cars that break the speed limit?

Actually some car manufacturers and governments are working on this. You can still have your different car makes and any size engine V8, V6, the technology is already here and in 2012 some cars str... Read More »

Are Mazdas Japanese cars?

Mazda is a Japanese automaker. Some of its vehicles, such as the Mazda 6, Tribute and B-Series truck, are manufactured in North America in a partnership with Ford Motor Co. Others, such as the MX-5... Read More »

How to Buy Used Japanese Cars?

Buying a car can be an exciting but scary experience whether the car is new or used, foreign or domestic. Used cars have the benefit of a lower price because much of the depreciation has already oc... Read More »