Are Igloo coolers dishwasher safe?

Answer According to the Igloo cooler manufacturer, Igloo coolers are not dishwasher safe. Water in the dishwasher will cause deterioration of the foam insulation in the cooler, so it will not work effecti... Read More »

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Who makes Igloo coolers?

The Igloo Products Corp. manufactures Igloo brand coolers. J.H. Whitney and Co. of New Canaan, Connecticut, a private equity company, has owned Igloo Products since 2008. J.H. Whitney and Co. also ... Read More »

If a dish is dishwasher safe and microwave safe is it oven safe?

not really. it just depends on the if its glass, stone, plastic, etc.

How to Make a Baby Safe Igloo on Club Penguin?

Club Penguin, "C.P. / CP," is a kids' and teens' site, where you get to meet friends, dress up your penguin, make an igloo, and take care of a puffle, a cute, colorful furball. There is a growing t... Read More »

If a dish id dishwasher safe does that mean its microwaveable safe?

ans2. No is the short answer, for they are two different challenges. Dishwasher detergents are quite aggressive, and will remove decorative metal plating (gold, silver, platinum) from objects. Stro... Read More »