Are IRAs safe investments?

Answer On One Hand: Tax ManagementAn IRA (individual retirement account) is not so much an investment as it is an account set aside for future use. The funds you contribute to your IRA are not taxed, allo... Read More »

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Are iras safe?

The safety of money in an IRA depends on what the money is invested in. Some accounts, like money market deposit accounts and certificates or deposit, are covered by FDIC insurance, while other inv... Read More »

Are my investments safe?

On One Hand: No Investments GuaranteedAll investments carry risk. According to a 2005 article in USA Today, an investor can generally gauge the risk of an investment by the promised returns; invest... Read More »

Are fidelity investments safe?

On One Hand: Fidelity's Track RecordFidelity Investments is one of the most respected investment companies. It has more than 33,000 plans, with more than $660 billion in assets under management as ... Read More »

Are AIG annuity investments safe?

On One Hand: There's Some RiskAIG's 2009 near-collapse, prevented only by government intervention, provided evidence that the company was on shaky ground. If a firm collapses while you are making p... Read More »