Are I bonds worth investing in?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, Especially for Education.The average interest rate of I savings bonds, also called I bonds, between 1998 and 2008 was 4.5 percent, according to Think Your Way to Wealth, a website... Read More »

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Tutorial for Investing in Bonds?

Bonds are financial instruments that require the borrower to make timely interest and principal payments to a lender according to an agreed upon schedule. Specific terms of the bond contract will s... Read More »

What are the benefits of investing in bonds?

Bonds are credit obligations issued by corporations, sovereign governments or local municipalities. These securities pay a stated interest rate either annually or semi-annually per $1,000 face amou... Read More »

How do I minimize risks when investing in bonds?

Every investment carries some level of risk. Investing in bonds involves two main types of risk. The first is inflation, where the value of the money you invested becomes worth less than when you i... Read More »

Is Investing in Stock and Bonds Ever a Good Idea?

Fathers in Nevada, as in other states, must overcome the reality that in the vast majority of child custody cases, the mother is awarded custody of children. Despite the fact that there is no legal... Read More »