Are Hummingbird Plants Deer-Resistant?

Answer Many gardeners enjoy watching tiny hummingbirds as they dart to and fro in the gardens, sipping at flower nectar and providing beneficial pollinating services along the way. Deer, however, are gene... Read More »

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Are torenia plants deer resistant?

Torenia plants are deer resistant and require little maintenance. Torenia are annuals that do best in partial sun or shade and grow to be anywhere from 8 to 16 inches tall.References:Romance Garden... Read More »

Are marigold plants deer resistant?

Most species of marigolds, including the marsh marigold (Caltha palustris) and the Mexican mint marigold (Tagetes lucida), are unlikely to be eaten by deer. Though these plants are "deer-resistant,... Read More »

Are hibiscus plants deer resistant?

On One Hand: Deer Usually Prefer Other PlantsThe North Carolina Cooperative Extension notes that the rose of Sharon and the rose mallow hibiscus varieties are "occasionally damaged" by hungry deer.... Read More »

Deer Resistant Climbing Plants?

Gardeners can grow a worry-free garden with a selection of deer-resistant climbing plants and vines. Deer do not like the bitter taste, odor and look of these vines. Since few plants are completely... Read More »