Are Homeopathic practitioners in the pockets of "Big Homeo"?

Answer Yes. Brilliant. They always bang on and on about big pharma .... as if homeopathic pills are given out for free. People get rich of it too

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Is there any homeo/ayur medicine which can cure arthritis well.?

HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT FOR RHEUMATISM / ARTHRITIS without any side effects or complications of any sort, (Arthritis including Gout, Arthritis Deformans/Osteoarthritis and Rheumatism) :-Pain knee joi... Read More »

How to Sew Fun Pockets for the Kids?

Here's a smart way to make clothes more fun for kids. They'll love carrying their small toys in their very own pockets.

Can gum pockets be reduced?

Here is an article on brushing. A lot of it is the proper toothbrush but part of it is also how hard you push. If you brush too hard, you can do more damage (to teeth and gums). Also, try to flos... Read More »

How to Play Pockets?

I have played this game in Drama class and we always have lots of fun. It's really great to do as a large group.