Are Home Refinancing Fees Deductible?

Answer When you refinance your home you normally have to pay refinance fees to cover the cost of processing the loan and pay fees to secure a low rate. The Internal Revenue Service does allow you to deduc... Read More »

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Are Home owner association fees tax deductible?

Your tax attorney can answer your question directly. Assessments pay for maintenance, upkeep and protection of real estate assets, and these expenses are not normally tax deductible.

Are any of home owners associations fees deductible?

Usually not, since your assessments pay for services and contributions to your reserve accounts.

Are refinancing costs tax deductible?

Some refinancing costs are tax deductible while others are not. Any discount points paid on a mortgage debt can be deducted from a borrower's taxes. Additional fees that can be deducted include pre... Read More »

Is refinancing a house tax deductible?

You can deduct the cost of discount points paid on a mortgage refinance over the life of the refinance. For example, if you pay $3,300 in points on a refinance that will take 10 years to repay, you... Read More »