Are High Rpms Bad for an Automatic Transmission?

Answer There are a lot of myths out there on Planet Car, many of which are based on either outdated facts or assumptions built around incomplete data. The question of rpm-related transmission damage is an... Read More »

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What Is the Problem If My Transmission Is Slipping in Higher RPMs?

The automatic transmission of an automobile is a sensitive system that can be easily damaged by incorrect transmission fluid, excessive use, and wear and tear. One of the common problems is slippin... Read More »

Why does my turbo suck at high rpms?

At high rpm the turbo is already kicked in.It has already boosted the hp, so you are never going to feel any more change.All engines top out with hp at around 5000 rpm or so, and there is no point ... Read More »

How to Build a Ford 302 Engine for High RPMs?

Building a Ford 302 engine for high performance takes time and money. Buy only the the parts listed, as these are designed for high RPMs. The RPM range for this application is up to 8000 RPMs. To e... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Small 18HP Kohler Engine That Runs High RPMs?

An engine that runs at high RPMs is likely suffering from a throttle cable that requires adjusting. A 18-horsepower Kohler engine can suffer from this problem. You can operate on and replace the th... Read More »