Are Hair Transplants Effective?

Answer Hair transplants are promoted as the best permanent solution to hair loss. However, they may not be as reliable a solution as many of their promoters would like you to believe. In order to get the... Read More »

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How to Fix Bad Hair Transplants?

While hair transplants have been available for many years, the methods by which they are implanted have changed and improved. Early hair transplants involved placing plugs of hair into bald areas o... Read More »

Can cloned hair be used in hair transplants?

Hair follicles are too complex to truly be cloned using current technology. It is possible, however, to transplant donor hair follicles from on person to another and have them grow. Although it has... Read More »

How to Remove Bad Hair Transplants?

Some people who suffer from hair loss balk at the idea of getting hair transplants because of the early attempts at these procedures. The early surgeries used plugs of hair that did not have a natu... Read More »

How Do Hair Transplants Work?

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