Are Haier refrigerators better than LG refrigerators?

Answer On One Hand: Haier is an Up and ComerThe Haier brand, which started as a Chinese company in the 1920s, has been making compact refrigerators for years, and has been making full-size models for the ... Read More »

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How many more refrigerators do companies sell than ovens in the US?

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Who invented refrigerators?

Although the idea of preserving foods by cooling long predated modern refrigeration, it was not until 1834 that the first working refrigerator was built. A Massachusetts inventor named Jacob Perkin... Read More »

Tax Credits for Refrigerators?

Your state's government may pay a nice portion of the cost of a new refrigerator to upgrade your old, clunky one. The federal government, as well, usually offers tax credits --- a deduction that ta... Read More »

Who makes LG refrigerators?

LG refrigerators are made by the LG Electronics division of the LG Group. They were originally marketed under the Goldstar brand name. LG was founded in South Korea and first known as Lucky-Golds... Read More »