Are HP 60 ink cartridges refillable?

Answer No they are not

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Which printers have refillable ink cartridges?

Inkjet, laser, dot matrix, LED, line, typewriter-based thermal, dye-sublimination and daisy wheel printers, which are the only printers being used in significant numbers today, can all be refilled.... Read More »

Are Lexmark ink cartridges 28a& 29a refillable?

The Lexmark 28A black ink cartridge and the Lexmark 29A color ink cartridges are refillable with a refill kit. The kits come with the ink, syringes and a thumb drill.References:Refill Instructions:... Read More »

Are HP inkjet cartridges refillable?

Yes. Many office supply stores and pharmacy chains have stations at which HP ink cartridges can be refilled. Refills are offered for black and color ink cartridges. Many are ready in less than one ... Read More »

Are Cannon HP printer cartridges refillable?

Most brands of printer cartridges, including the Cannon brand, are refillable. Through the use of a refilling kit, which are fairly inexpensive to buy, you can refill your cartridge a few times if ... Read More »