Are HID lights illegal in California?

Answer Many cars come with built-in HID (high-intensity discharge) lights, and these are legal in California. However, all after-market HID conversion kits are illegal in the entire United States, accordi... Read More »

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Are neon undercarriage lights illegal in California?

California law allows the use of neon undercarriage (ground effects) lights. As the California Supreme Court summarizes the applicable statute (Division 12, Chapter 2, Article 10, Section 25400), a... Read More »

Are smoked tail lights illegal in California?

Smoked tail lights in California are illegal. The application of any tinted lens film to tail lights that either dims or changes the color of the tail lights is prohibited by California's Vehicle C... Read More »

Are HID lights illegal?

On One Hand: Manufacturers Offer HID LightsA number of online retailers offer High Intensity Discharge, or HID, light kits for installation on a variety of vehicle makes and models. In addition, a... Read More »

Are intense HID lights illegal?

Intense HID lights are illegal if installed on cars that didn't originally come with HID lights. HID lights are only legal to use in an off-road situation. However, many people continue to install ... Read More »