Are HID lights illegal?

Answer On One Hand: Manufacturers Offer HID LightsA number of online retailers offer High Intensity Discharge, or HID, light kits for installation on a variety of vehicle makes and models. In addition, a... Read More »

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Are underglow lights illegal?

There isn't a federal law against having lights underneath your car. There are laws against so-called under-glow lights, be they neon or LED, in certain states and communities. You are especially a... Read More »

Are underbody car lights illegal?

According to Urban Neon Car Lights, "The legality of the different accessory or undercar lights does vary between different states, provinces, and in some cases the specific municipality." Differen... Read More »

Are underbody lights illegal?

The answer depends on your state of residence. Some don't allow additional lights on a vehicle; some don't allow certain colors or flashing lights. Before making an investment that might get you a ... Read More »

Are under car lights illegal?

The laws regarding under car lights vary from state to state. However, many states allow under car lights so long as they meet specific guidelines. You can't use amber, blue, red, or blinking or fl... Read More »