Are HD TV screens measured diagonally?

Answer Yes, HD television screens are measured diagonally, just as analog televisions screens were. When a manufacturer advertises the screen size, the number of inches referred to is the diagonal measure... Read More »

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Are TVs measured diagonally?

The size of a television typically is based off its diagonal measurement rather than its width and height. However, if you are purchasing a television to fit in an entertainment system, measure all... Read More »

Are computer monitors measured diagonally?

Computer monitors are measured diagonally. On an LCD monitor, the diagonal measurement includes only the viewable portion of the monitor. CRT monitors, however, are measured from the outside corner... Read More »

What is the difference between LCD screens and plasma screens?

LCD is Liquid Crystal. Uses a light that is replaceable in most.Plasma is GAS. LCD screens are better. If your going LCD, go HD. LCD (Liquid crystal displays) &Plasma screens use completely differe... Read More »

How to Cut Bangs Diagonally?

Cut your own bangs to add style, sex appeal and attitude to your haircut. Diagonally cut bangs look good on any shape face including yours. You need only patience and a few, simple tools that you m... Read More »