Are Government Bonds Safer Than Money Markets & CDs?

Answer Government bonds are debt obligations issued by the federal government to finance deficits. Money market instruments are short-term debt obligations with maturities of 200 days or less issued prima... Read More »

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Relationship Between Bonds & Money Markets?

As a conservative investor you may explore bonds and money markets as a means to collect interest income and take on less financial risks than stocks. Defining the relationship between bonds and mo... Read More »

Are money markets insured by the U.S. government?

According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website, the U.S. government does not insure money market funds. Money markets are mutual funds which invest in low-risk securities (a... Read More »

Are high-yield bonds better than regular bonds?

On One Hand: Higher Risk.High-yield bonds are bonds that have been rated BB or lower, and they are often referred to as speculative or junk bonds. Regular bonds, called investment-grade bonds, have... Read More »

Are i series savings bonds a better investment than ee bonds?

On One Hand: High InflationDuring times of inflation, I series bonds provide more inflation protection and a higher return than EE Bonds. EE bonds earn a fixed rate over the course of 20 years, whi... Read More »