Are Goats factory farmed Does eating Goat cheese support animal cruelty?

Answer Congratulations on being an aware consumer :). I personally know a couple goat farmers here in Maine that provide very loving homes for their goats, as well as an organic farmer who treats his cow... Read More »

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Does eating meat *directly* support animal cruelty?

yes definitely check the movie Earthlingsunless you raise open range chickens and kill them yourselfchickens killed in an abattoir are not killed in a very nice way and its even worse for cows ,and... Read More »

I Want to support Stopping Animal Cruelty but don't want to give up eating meats What Can I do?

The ASPCA and Humane Society do more to end mistreatment of animals than PETA.However, anyone who really cares about animals will at least make an effort to quit eating meat.

What is a good song to go along with a video showing factory animal cruelty?

goldfinger open your eyes…also:skinny puppy's testurenofx-Franco Un-American

What is the difference between goat cheese&feta cheese?

Feta and goat cheese are often confused. Some believe they are interchangeable. Although both cheeses have a similar flavor, color and texture, the biggest difference between them is the source o... Read More »