Are Glow Sticks Poisonous?

Answer Glow sticks are not poisonous. However, the active ingredients---hydrogen peroxide and phenyl oxalate ester, or dibutyl phthalate---can cause irritation if they contact your skin, or burning and na... Read More »

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Are glow sticks poisonous to cats?

Glow sticks are not poisonous to cats, although the horrible tasting substance inside of the sticks may cause a minor and temporary reaction in your pet, with one of the symptoms being excessive dr... Read More »

How to Make Glow Sticks Glow Again?

Do you have a glow stick that does not glow any more? Check out this article!

What makes glow sticks glow ?

Glow sticks glow when a chemical reaction occurs between the solutions oxalate and anthracene. When the liquids are combined, shaking the glow stick will produce a chemical reaction and a glow thro... Read More »

What are glow sticks for?

Glow sticks are practical to use in many situations as they emit light without the use of batteries or an external power source. They are used for entertainment as well as for safety.HalloweenParen... Read More »