Are Gardenias Acid-Loving?

Answer Gardenias are evergreen shrubs with glossy green leaves and strong-scented, white blooms that can grow anywhere from 2 to 15 feet tall, depending on the variety. They love morning sun, afternoon sh... Read More »

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Are hibiscus acid-loving plants?

According to the University of Florida IFAS extension, hibiscus plants are acid-loving and will do well with plant food designed for acid-loving flowers. Check the pH of the garden plot before plan... Read More »

Are roses acid-loving plants?

Roses prefer slightly acidic soil. Acidic soil has a pH of less than 7. A pH level of 6.5 provides ideal growing conditions for a rose garden. Perfect soil for roses also contains 50 percent organi... Read More »

Is Cabbage an Acid-loving Plant?

Cabbage is a fairly easy-to-grow vegetable that does well in a variety of soil conditions. When it comes to pH, however, you should be sure to test your garden soil and amend it if necessary before... Read More »

Fertilizer for Acid Loving Plants?

Many plants prefer a soil pH between 6 and 7, according to University of Missouri Extension. Acid-loving plants thrive in a lower soil pH between 4.0 and 5.5, however. These plants may require spe... Read More »