Are GNC products good?

Answer On One Hand: Some Research Supports GNC's ProductsGNC offers a line of dietary supplements for uses like gaining muscle, weight loss and joint support. One product in particular, GNC Pro Performan... Read More »

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Which is a good wide angle lens for Nikon D40X i need good close up picture of our large products in Silverware brass and they are shiny products?

When photographing highly reflective objects, the lens is far less important than the lighting, and the lighting depends on what effect you are after. This is one of the most difficult, advanced as... Read More »

There is a new product line called "LG". How good are "LG" products Would you buy their products?

The company LG Electronics was actually founded in 1958 in Korea under the name Goldstar. They first entered in US market (as Goldstar) in 1962 selling radios, then in 1995 they acquired Zenith fo... Read More »

Which is a good wide angle lens for Nikon D40X. I need good picture of our products in Silverware?

The sigma 10-20mm EX DC HSM is a great wideangle lens with the Hyper sonic motor you need for Focusing and metering on the DX format. The Nikon 12-24 AF-s DX is quality too - but MUCH more expensive.

Are skin products good?

Skin care products effectively treat many skin ailments, such as acne, rosacea, sun spots, wrinkles, dryness and oiliness. For the most part, skin care products are good for your skin. However, car... Read More »