Are Fungi More Closely Related to Animals Than Plants?

Answer Like animals, fungi are eukaryotic heterotrophs, meaning that they have cells with a nucleus and depend on other organisms for their food. Unlike plants, fungi and animals cannot make their own foo... Read More »

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What is closely related to Edwards syndrome?

A nephrologist or a urologist depending on what "renal fullness" is.

What fruits are closely related to avocados?

Avocado Relatives There are no common fruits closely related to avocados. There is a fruit called Coyo, but is not particularly pleasant to eat and thus virtually unknown. Cinnamon is in the same f... Read More »

Which animal is most closely related to the bear?

Bears are scientifically considered a descendant of the carnivorous caniformia or "dog-like" species, based on their early anatomy and behaviors. However, today bears are said to most closely resem... Read More »

Which statment is closely related to the gentlemens agreements of 1907?

idk what acts your talking about, but before WW2 the US was beginning to have more imperialistic policies. These can be seen in the US interactions with Latin America and Asia.