Are Fuel Injector Cleaners Needed?

Answer Fuel injector cleaners are essentially solvents designed to break apart the varnish that builds up in your fuel system over time. As preventive maintenance, such cleaners can help to keep your vehi... Read More »

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DIY Fuel Injector?

Fuel injected automobiles have no carburetor. The fuel injector system is much more efficient because it sprays a metered amount of fuel directly into the cylinders. The design of the fuel injector... Read More »

Are registry cleaners no longer needed with vista?

On rare occasions, the Windows Vista registry can become corrupted, but typically the registry is self-sufficient. If you still wish to use a third party registry cleaner, ensure that it is made by... Read More »

How many vacuum cleaners are needed to lift a person?

The vacuum cleaner uses suction to pick things up off the ground

How to Remove a 2.9 Fuel Injector?

The 2.9-liter engine was manufactured by Ford from 1986 through 1992. The engine is electronically fuel injected. Fuel injectors have a solenoid which, when charged, pulls a valve open allowing pre... Read More »