Are Female Bodies Built For Fasting?

Answer No it's not healthy. No, they are not different in "that way". No, you should not fast. There is no reason to fast unless it is prior to surgery, or prior to having certain blood tests, both limite... Read More »

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Why were castles built near bodies of water, on the bends of rivers or on cliffs?

The geographical location of a castle offered many potential benefits. Defense was obviously vital, but so too was access to the resources needed for the daily running of the castle and the well-be... Read More »

Had fasting blood test but have been called back for another non-fasting to re-check u&e's. clues please?

Maybe some of the results are a bit out of range, so they called you back to confirm it or to get some new results. It's all for your health and not for their profit..

Looking for a camcorder with built-in projector and built-in memory. Any suggestions?

Before deciding on anything, browse the various options you have and look for the features that you will be getting for different models of camcorders. You should buy that one which meets your budg... Read More »

What is the difference between built in and built under ovens?

The difference is its size and the type of housing unit required. Under-counter units are designed to fit in the housing below the worktop, on the other hand there are tall oven housing units that ... Read More »