Are Federal pacific breakers allowed by any insurance company?

Answer I live in Dallas and I have found no insurer who cares if you have FB breakers. My Farmers agent was not aware of the issue at all.

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What does the federal government guarantee if an insurance company goes bankrupt?

The federal government does not provide any guarantees in the event of insurance company bankruptcies and insolvencies. Insurance company regulation is in the hands of state governments, not the f... Read More »

Is a Federal Pacific breaker box obsolete?

Federal Pacific breaker boxes are obsolete. The company is out of business as well. It is recommended that any of these boxes that are still in use be replaced with modern electrical panel boxes.So... Read More »

Is Union Pacific a federal employer?

No. Union Pacific Corporation is a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its subsidiary, Union Pacific Railroad Company, engages in rail transportation throughout the Unite... Read More »

What are insurance company that will insure you If you are denied by a different life insurance company?

Most companies provide worldwide protection for your belongings. You will need to check with your agent, broker and / or insurance company to be certain. You also want to ensure that you have off p... Read More »