Are Faxes Legally Binding?

Answer On One Hand: Strong EvidenceFaxes constitute strong evidence when it comes to legally binding matters. Technology continues to influence all matters of personal and business life. "Any agreement yo... Read More »

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What constitutes a legally binding contract?

Although minimal variations exist in contract law from one state to another, the requirements of creating a legally binding contract is the same in all jurisdictions in the United States.Considerat... Read More »

Are living wills legally binding?

The legality of living wills depends on the laws in your state of residence, according to the University of Michigan. As of 2010, only 41 states consider them legally binding. However, service prov... Read More »

Is a notarized document legally binding?

A notarized document is not necessarily binding or valid. A Notary Public attests that signatures are authentic, but does not examine the document's contents to see if it satisfies legal requiremen... Read More »

Is a Las Vegas wedding legally binding?

The couple must obtain a marriage license and have a ceremony within one year of the license being issued. An authorized person must perform the ceremony, and there must be one witness. If these co... Read More »