Are Faucets Backwards in Europe?

Answer No, neither faucets nor the direction in which water drains are "backwards" in Europe, Australia or anywhere else. There is a common myth that the Coriolis Effect makes water drain differently in o... Read More »

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Suggest me some respectable faucets like Delta faucets?

Goggle for brands of kitchen and or bath faucets.

CLUB EUROPE !!Do you have to be 18 or older to enter in club europe in atlantawhat if with parents?

i think you can get into club europe at 18, but its wayyyyyyyyyyyy to crowded. u cant even dance cuz so many people are on the dance floor.your parents can't get u in the club. why would you want t... Read More »

Why is it that malaria is common in Africa but not in Europe. Cancer is common in Europe but not in Africa?

1.Cause for malaria prevalence in Africa-----------------By virtue of mosquito menace. Why cancer is uncommon, because, they live in the vicinity of nature with high immunity levels.2. Causes for C... Read More »

How to Repair Faucets?

As simple as they are, faucets are very important. They dispense water into your household and they regulate the amount that comes in. A broken faucet will leak, and water leaks can add a lot of un... Read More »