Are English and British the same thing?

Answer The United Kingdom (UK), which consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is commonly called Britain. The term British refers to the nationality the citizens of the UK. England, Scotland, and ... Read More »

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How Do I Switch a Document in U.S. English to British English?

Unfortunately, there is not a one-button switch to change a document in U.S. English to British English. It is a process that must be done manually and carefully. It requires thorough knowledge of ... Read More »

Is English breakfast tea and English afternoon tea the same thing?

Breakfast tea is stronger and has higher caffeine and an energy blend.

What is the difference between someone who is english&someone who is british?

A person may call herself British or English or both. If you're not British, or if you're not from Europe, it may seem a bit confusing. But that confusion may be easily cleared up.FeaturesA person ... Read More »

Has any one tried 'rosetta stone british english'?