Are Empire direct vent heaters UL listed?

Answer According to the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Online Certifications Directory, all of the direct vent gas fireplace heaters made by Empire Comfort Systems, Inc., of Belleville, Ill., under both the... Read More »

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Direct Vent Vs. Power Vent Water Heaters?

A power vent heater uses a blower fan for exhaust gases whereas a direct vent has a natural draft exhaust. A direct vent heater draws combustion air from the outside while a power vent pulls air f... Read More »

The Types of Vent-Free Gas Heaters?

Vent-free gas heaters come in several different forms and work because of 99 percent fuel-efficient burners. This is accomplished through advanced air/gas mixing chambers, burners and other feature... Read More »

Are vent-free heaters safe?

On One Hand: Safe and Clean BurningVent-free gas space heaters are considered safe. These heaters all have been tested and approved prior to entering the sales market. The heaters do not omit one-f... Read More »

Are power vent water heaters good?

On One Hand: Supply Continuous Hot WaterPower vent water heaters supply a continuous supply of hot water, no matter how many showers are taken in a row. If you have a large family or simply use a g... Read More »