Are Electrical Disconnects Required by Code for Water Heaters?

Answer Code requirements must be met when installing electric water heaters. The National Electric Code addresses disconnection requirements for appliances. Does this Spark an idea?

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What are the pros/cons of tank-less gas water heaters (vs. traditional heaters)?

The tankless ones cost about 3 times what a regular water heater does.

How many electrical sockets are required for a house?

National fire and building codes require a minimum of one outlet per six linear feet of wall. This is usually a double outlet, or one shared with a switch. In addition, ground-fault circuit interru... Read More »

What Gauge Electrical Wire Is Required for a 15-Amp Circuit?

The most basic electrical circuit in house wiring is the 110-volt, 15-amp outlet. Most electrical codes allow a minimum of 14-gauge wire, but this should really only be used if the circuit only inc... Read More »

New Vs. Old Water Heaters?

The water heater is a home appliance that continues to evolve. However, people are still purchasing the older water heater models. Then, there are those who go after the newer models. Since both mo... Read More »