Are Ecstasy pills highly addicting ?

Answer don't worry about it

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Will he be ok he took two ecstasy pills. He does drugs and smokes. Could he have overdosed on the two pills?

He's probably hungover from them. He'll be sore and fatigued, especially if he was dancing all night. He's most likely fine.

White spades pills (ecstasy), wtf was in these pills ?

It could have been acid. It doesnt really work very well if you just swallow it tho. Maybe DMT or mescaline. Whatever it was, it probably is fairly harmless. That sounds like a fun tripp.

How many ecstasy pills can I take at once?

Take them all and let's see what happens.

Can you loose weight from taking ecstasy pills?

These type of drugs affect your metabolism, in turn they will affect your weight. so the answer to your question as you have answered yourself is yes you will lose weight taking ecstasy pills, howe... Read More »