Are Dell computers any good .?

Answer I have a dell and they suck they are nice but the service is awful and thier warranties aren't long my lcd screen is damaged because someone threw a toy car at it so I called to get it replaced and... Read More »

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Are Dell computers any good?

Absolutely. The desktops are cheap but not cheaply made. I have had my Dell desktop for a year. As long as you keep updating your software and keep your virus protection updated it will run great.

Are Dell good computers?

Short answer: yes.Longer answer: ... but not for everyone. My experience with Dell computers has been fantastic. My parents ran a Dell Dimension R400 for nearly 10 YEARS almost 24/7 without replaci... Read More »

Are dell computers good?

All I can say is: I've had a few Dell computers throughout my life and everyone of them have had Hard Drive failure within the year.Never again!

Are Dell laptops good computers?

You know, every laptop has there drawbacks, there is NO perfect laptop. HP has theres problems, so to Sony, so does Acer, and Im sure dell has them too. But I have a Dell Inspiron n I have no probl... Read More »