Are Dell computers any good .?

Answer I have a dell and they suck they are nice but the service is awful and thier warranties aren't long my lcd screen is damaged because someone threw a toy car at it so I called to get it replaced and... Read More »

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Are Dell computers any good They seem to have some good offers on but not sure about them?

We use a healthy blend of Dell computers for Windows users here at work, and Macs for the design people.They seem to have a 3% lemon rate, where sometimes you just get crap parts and have to eventu... Read More »

Are dell computers good?

All I can say is: I've had a few Dell computers throughout my life and everyone of them have had Hard Drive failure within the year.Never again!

Are Dell good computers?

Short answer: yes.Longer answer: ... but not for everyone. My experience with Dell computers has been fantastic. My parents ran a Dell Dimension R400 for nearly 10 YEARS almost 24/7 without replaci... Read More »

Are Dell computers any good?

Absolutely. The desktops are cheap but not cheaply made. I have had my Dell desktop for a year. As long as you keep updating your software and keep your virus protection updated it will run great.