Are DOT shipping papers required in Florida?

Answer You are required in Florida to obtain a USDOT number and have the proper paperwork stating that this has been carried out. If you are operating inside the state only you need to get an intrastate n... Read More »

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When hazardous materials are being transported by train the shipping papers are most likely to be found where?

What license does a shipping business need in Florida?

According to, the state of Florida does not require a special business license for shipping businesses, although licensing requirements may exist at the county or city level. As ... Read More »

How to Serve Divorce Papers in Florida?

When a civil case is filed in Florida, the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure dictate how the actual papers can be delivered. This is referred to as service of process. All divorces filed in the stat... Read More »

If your son's mother just served you with papers that she intends on moving out of the country and you have shared parental repsonsibility in Florida can she do this and can you fight it and win?

Answer If you have partial custody of your son and have been making child payments according to orders from the court, then no, she can't. I suggest you move fast and see a lawyer. You have ever... Read More »