Are D color diamonds good?

Answer On One Hand: D Is Absolutely ColorlessDiamonds classified as D grade are considered to be colorless, which is highly desirable. A colorless diamond will have increased sparkle and will be more expe... Read More »

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What Causes Color in Diamonds?

The color of a diamond (or lack of it in white diamonds) is a major factor in price and rarity. Most diamonds purchased are white diamonds, where less color is better, but colored diamonds are ofte... Read More »

What gives diamonds their color?

Diamonds become colored in a number of ways. Trace elements in a gem may color diamonds. For example, nitrogen turns them yellow. Exposure to radiation, and inclusions or impurities can also color ... Read More »

What Causes the Color Difference in Diamonds?

A stone is considered a diamond based on the chemical makeup of the stone and its hardness. The most common diamond is the white diamond, which is only one of the colors a diamond might take. When ... Read More »

Can natural diamonds be red in color?

A truly red natural diamond is extremely rare. The Hancock red diamond sold in 1987 for $880,000 and was less than a carat. Red diamonds are beautiful and are highly sought after, but only a few ar... Read More »