Are Cuisinart utensils lifetime guaranteed?

Answer Cuisinart utensils come with a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees each product to be free of any defects in material or craftsmanship under normal use for the lifetime of the product.Source:... Read More »

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Cuisinart toaster oven malfunctionI have purchased 3 cuisinart toaster ovens 2 have emitted a high pitched noise 1 stays hot after it is off I am afraid it will start a fireWhat should I do?

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Does Guaranteed Coverage mean guaranteed to anyone regardless of lack of coverage in the past and immigration status?

Answer It means guaranteed if you meet the "qualifications." m is guaranteed IF you have been denied in the private market, resident - Mr. Mip doesn't ask immigration status, can't be eligible for... Read More »

Does the lifetime max or lifetime cap get reset when you change health insurance?

Answer Many times lifetime caps start over with new insurance. You may find more relevant information at

Where is Cuisinart manufactured?

Most Cuisinart food processors sold for home use are manufactured in China. Cuisinart has a large product line that also includes blenders, coffee makers, ice cream makers and other kitchen applian... Read More »