Are crocs footwear edible?

Answer Crocs are made from a material called PCCR. This is a blend of different materials that only Crocs makes, and is most likely a petroleum based foam. This means that Crocs footwear are not edible.So... Read More »

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What material are Crocs shoes made from?

Crocs shoes are made from a proprietary foam resin named Croslite. This foam molds itself to the wearer's feet and offers medical benefits. Crocs shoes are suitable for a wide variety of uses inclu... Read More »

My friend wears Crocs shoes I may get a pair are they cool ?

Are Croc shoes edible?

Croc shoes are not edible, according to the official Croc company blog. They are not made of any edible materials and are dyed with coloring that is not food safe. If someone were to try to eat Cro... Read More »

What printers can be used with edible ink for edible images?

I worked at a grocery store deli that made the kind of images you are talking about for cakes. They just used a cheap cannon color ink jet printer with the special ink and paper that is needed. Did... Read More »