Are Children Liable for Parents' Funeral Expenses?

Answer When a parent passes away, it can be an especially stressful time emotionally and financially. Part of the process that comes immediately after the death is making funeral arrangements. If you are ... Read More »

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Will parents be liable for any negligence their children committed who are above the age of 21 but still living at home?

Answer No. The kid is totally responsible after age 18. Answer The exception is negligence or a violation of the law. For example if the adult son hosted a party and the police became involved due... Read More »

Are parents liable for damages in Massachusetts for an auto accident that their children caused?

Parental Liability for Children's Actions Yes, they are through their homeowners policy.

How to Pay for Funeral Expenses?

Paying for your funeral expenses or for those of a loved one can be costly, but proper research and preparation can help make the process go much smoother and be cost effective. By knowing your rig... Read More »

How to Reduce Funeral Expenses?

The cost of funerals can be several thousand dollars or more depending upon the type of coffin you choose, the venue for the funeral service and other related expenses. There are a few things you c... Read More »